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De Laune Cycling Club

On looking round the bar of the London Tavern at 6 p.m. on December 7 th
it was pleasing to note the punctual attendance of many members on the
occasion of the Annual dinner.

By 6.30 the consumption of appetisers was completed and we adjourned
to the dining room. Here for nearly an hour the “gourmets” of the Club
enjoyed the pleasures of an excellently served meal. At the liquor and coffee
stage the ‘veg’ members slunk in shamefacedly.

When eating (but not drinking) had ceased to claim the attention of all, our
respected and honoured chairman, Capt. De Laune, proposed the Loyal
Toast, much to the delight of all the smokers.

In proposing the toast of “The De Laune Cycling Club “our President stated
that before the War the Club a foremost position in S. London and he voiced
the hope that we should always keep that position (Hear Hear). Responding
Mr.J.S. Gurney gave a succinct resume of the Club’s activities in all
departments during the past season.

Mr.N.W. Pimm toasted the “Visitors” stating that we look upon our visitors
as un-official members of the Club and not strangers.

The health of the Chairman was proposed by Sammy – sorry Mr.S.W.
Garbett, who drew special attention to our President’s proverbial hospitality

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