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at Newnham (particularly during the fruit season). After this toast had
been received with musical honours, our Chairman, responding said he was
always pleased to attend any De Laune function as long as we wanted him
and his health would permit ( Loud and prolonged cheers).

During the commotion we believe several members had to be hauled from
underneath the tables.

To relieve the monotony between proposals and responses we enjoyed a very
humorous programme given by a talented concert party. In addition our
well known fellow Member- Mr. Geo. Wall-contributed, in his own inimitable
style, a very amusing impersonation of an ‘old salt’. This met with such
general enthusiasm that an encore was demanded by all.

During the evening the prizes and medals won during the season were
presented. First came the Bellingham Wheelers, to take the team race and
1 & 3 fastest medals, in the Inter Club 25. Next we had our own handicap
winners and then the standard medal winners. Not forgetting the winner
of the Free Wheel Contest.

All these were greeted with suitable (?) musical accompaniment by Messrs.
Deane, Westlake & Co., who added to the jocularity and joviality of the
evening by their many quips and jokes.

Then came the Trophy winners who were not allowed to resume their seats
without each giving a speech, telling us what they expected and hoped to
do next season.

The raffle for the hand knitted scarf brought in 38/6d for Club funds. This
was won by Mr. Haughton a friend of the daughter of our late Vice President
Mr. R. Holmes. In returning thanks for this he gave us a message from Mrs.
Holmes thanking us for the letters etc sent after the passing of Mr. Holmes.
The singing of Auld Lang Syne brought an end to the best dinner we have
had for years.

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