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Hope everyone has survived the great floods of
2013/2014. On the bright side we should not see
a hosepipe ban in the summer of 2014 - the
reservoirs must be full to the brim by now.

The club accounts will be audited on 6th March when
Derek Boon returns from his travels. Clearly all paperwork will be winging
up to Mark for inclusion in the next DLN.

Donations and subscriptions have continued to be received by either Dave
Haggart or myself, so thank you once again to all those involved there, don't
forget that I can claim a small amount of tax from donations made by UK
tax payers from HMIC, so what ever you donate we get a little more in
return. As the saying goes, every little helps.

Val the Peach

C H Bartlett was trained by who was a member of the De Laune,
Bartlett who rode for the Poly CC won the Gold medal in the 1908 Olympics
in the Men's 100 kilometres at the
Games of the IV Olympiad. In
this event there were 45
Competitors from 11 nations, there
were 17 riders in the final.
Bartlett’s time was this
was on the 660 yard track at the
White City.
Most of the organising of these
games was done by the Polytecnic
Cycling Club.

GB won 56 Gold Medals

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