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Children of Henry Delaune circ. 1619-1660 Author of Patrikon Doron)
Gideon DeLaune c1659-1700

In 1688 Gideon was banished from Dublin when all foreign born Protestants
were ordered to leave Ireland. He, along with his brother Charles, their wives
and eight children went to Chester, England.
In 1689, following the Glorious Revolution (the Bill of Attainder, see below),
James 2 went to Ireland, landing at Kinsale on the 12 March with 6,000
French soldiers to reclaim the throne from his sister. Gideon’s name was
put on a list of those said to be disloyal to James.
Battle of Boyne
1 July 1690
James 2 was defeated by
William of Orange at the
Battle of Boyne which took
place on the 1 July 1690
(Julian calendar) the new
Gregorian calendar
equates as the 11 July and
the Irish Protestants
continue to celebrate

Orange Day on the 12 of
July every year.
Gideon’s wife was Martha (believed to be Martha Boyle). They were to
have 7 children Michaell 1680 -99 Henry 1681-99, Gideon 1683-1733, John
1684-1687 and Ann 1685-1760 and William 1691-?

Gideon was to become MP for Blessington 1695-1699 and in February 1699,
he died, being buried on the 28 February 1700 (by modern calendar) in St
Patrick’s Cathedral Dublin.
Martha is recorded to have outlived Gideon thus, Martha died in December
1717 and buried in St Patrick’s Cathedral on the 13 December.

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