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(Boyle) making it very likely that Martha was
indeed a Boyle.

Charles married 3 times first to Elizabeth, then to Katherine and lastly to
Ann Daniell (a widow), Charles had 5 children in all.

Nicholas Delaunay married Mary LeCluse 1663, so possible third brother
as Charles’ children were baptised in the same church as Nicholas’ son was
buried. Nicholas was a silversmith manufacturing silver coin tokens a
practise during the Commonwealth years and early years of the restoration
when government coinage was scarce.

In 1688 the English King James II (James VII of Scotland), driven off* by
the ascent of William and Mary in the Glorious Revolution, came to Ireland
with the sole purpose of reclaiming his throne. After his arrival, the
Parliament of Ireland assembled a list of names in 1689 of those reported
to have been disloyal to him, eventually tallying between two and three
thousand in a bill of attainder. Those on the list were to report to Dublin
for sentencing.

* Deemed to have abdicated on the 11 December 1688


C H Bartlett, cont

He may also have been a member of the De Laune as we have a photograph
of him with De Laune members which was in and earlier issue of the DLN.

Bartlett had not done any serious racing since 1914 when he smashed at
Manchester, started training in December 1924 and in 1925 broke the one
hour motor paced record to cover a distance of 39 miles 220 yards at
Herne Hill.

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