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Dear Sirs
I am trying to ascertain the date of the opening of the De Laune Institute
at 22 New Street Kennington.

I know it was before 1889 and was founded by Chapman De Laune Faunce-De
Laune, a High Sheriff of Kent, a magistrate and a considerable landowner,
much of his property in South London, De Laune Street and Faunce Street
are still evident. He was encouraged to enter into this venture by Canon
Palmer the parish priest of St Mary's, Newington, this much I know Mr De
Laune gave over 22 New Street for young men's exclusive use, paying for
the building of a gymnasium, among other improvements. He became
President of the Institute and actively encouraged it's varied sporting

My interest is that of being the current President of the De Laune Cycling
Club which became an offshoot of the Institute in 1889, thus we have just
entered our quasquincentennial year since departing the Institute but I am
interested is finding out our possible year of coming into existence at the
opening of the Institute

I am hoping you may have some indication of the date held in your library.
Thanking you
Malcolm Adams
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Dear Malcolm Adams,
Thank you for your enquiry.
We have St Mary Newington Parish Magazines at which state
that ‘The Institute’ (which became the De Laune Institute) was opened in
March 1889. The Gymnasium and hall were opened around September,
because they are mentioned as recently opened in the October issue. We
also have a flyer on a Gymnastic Display at the De Laune Institute in May
1890, at (Adult Education Centres A-G.). The London Directories
have nothing listed at 22 New Street in 1889, nor in the Commercial section.

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