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We have agreed to purchase a quantity of 500ml feeding bottles with club
emblem and appropriate wording to celebrate 125 . 1 bottle to be given
to each rider in open 10 & 25. Any excess offered to club members.

The cut off date to claim club championships/trophies – 12 October 2014
– this will give the TT Secretary sufficient time to submit the
engraving/medal order in time for Belgium night.

Following a review of club committee posts, it was agreed that some roles
were either redundant or did not call for any action. A proposition will be
placed on AGM agenda supported by the club committee to cull 5 posts –
Youth Development Officer, Off Road Sec, Triathlon Sec, Social Sec and
Press Sec. It was felt that should the situation change in future years
these posts could be resurrected.

Dave Haggart reported that 3 members had amended their membership
to 2 claim status and 2 members had upgraded from 2 claim to 1 st

An item was raised regarding the Midsummer 25 cup – Mark Ballamy Trophy.
Mark Ballamy informed the meeting that this trophy was no longer in
existence. Agreed that we should adopt the Alan Maughan trophy for
the Midsummer 25.

Malc Adams asked if the committee would be prepared to accept Alured
Faunce de Laune as an honorary Vice President. This gentleman is a direct
descendant of our founding family and currently lives in Australia. It was
felt that this would be pertinent to keep the family name relevant in our
records. Proposition to appear on AGM Agenda on this issue.

The meeting closed with the presentation of an engraved whiskey tumbler
to Roy Savery to celebrate his 50 years’ membership to the club.

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