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lead a walk from the ‘George’ (I haven’t asked him yet!), where we will have

In the hope that I can encourage the ‘racing’ element to join us, bearing in
mind they are not sponsored by the government and work for a living, this
event will take place on a Saturday. We did discuss this at committee
meeting and it was suggested we could hold it on the day of the club ‘15’,
but after further thought it is not really practical, one reason being the
racing members having to take two bikes, plus they would have to forego
the traditional breakfast at the Park Inn. I will give further details at a
later date, once I have had further input from interested members.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

In accordance with Club Rules 1.7 and 1.10 notice is hereby given
of the Annual General Meeting which is to be held on 29 March,
2014 at 2pm in Blackheath Harriers Clubroom, 56 Bourne Way,
Hayes, Bromley, Kent BR2 7EY (Same venue as Belgium Night).

Any member wishing to submit items for the Agenda should ensure
they are with Tony Peachey by 28 February 2014, either by post
or e-mail (

Agenda and financial accounts will be circulated in accordance
with Club Rules, prior to the meeting.

Tony Peachey

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