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15 January 2014

Eileen and I are off from Brisbane to Adelaide tomorrow to watch the Tour Down
Under and see Dot Fuller and Suzanne and Mike Ridding. We are staying in Glenelg
about 5 minutes from Dot and 10k on the tram into Adelaide, Victoria Square.
This is where they have a tented Tour Village where we can see all the riders and
team management and is opposite the Hilton Hotel where all the riders stay plus
Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen who do the commentary on Channel 9 with this
year Robbie McEwen, 12 times stage winner in the Tour de France joining them.

Don't know if we will see Dave Tweddell this year,
I know that he is in Melbourne at present
visiting his son so I hope we will. He goes back
a long way to the days of Alan Jackson, Ken
Fuller, Dennis Tarr etc in the 1950s. He was a
great rider to say the least.

The bad news is that Adelaide is having a
heatwave at the moment and the forecast is
46 when we are due to land at Adelaide Airport.
If it happens it will be the hottest day on record
for Adelaide, I wonder what the riders from
Europe will think of that. The forecast is for
the temperature to drop to "only" 28 on
Saturday, fingers crossed.

Glenlg is where we often see the riders after Dave Tweddell on the right on
their morning rides, we've been joined on the a charity ride in 2011 with
same table in the past by people like Andre Bob Wilson ex Arsenal &
Greipel etc. Perhaps this year by Kiittel, who Scotland. goalekeeper
knows. There are going to be some fierce sprints
between Greipel and Kittel, Greipel holds the race record for the most stage wins,
I think about 15, so he won’t let his pride be hurt. Remember he finished 2nd to
Kitell in Paris last summer with Cavendish 3rd.

I will do a report for the DLN with some 'photos if I don't melt.
Regards to all.

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