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The 1st stage proper was on Tuesday and was threatened with cancellation
because of bush fires but they were under control We didn't go to watch
as it was some way from Adelaide both start and finish but watched in
Dot's flat on the box, Simon Gerrans out sprinted Greipal for the stage
and the the leaders ochre jersey.

Wednesday was an ace day, out to Stirling in the Adelaide Hills where we
can see the riders 3 times plus Dot and Suzanne have some friends living
there that we've met many times before. The day was spoilt somewhat by
the noise of vivvuzelas(remember the football world cup in South Africa)
which had been handed out by Bike Exchange. They drowned out the
commentary so we didn't know who was in the break and the time gaps etc.

Thursday we went to the start at Norwood where I've just discovered that
the Norwood Cycling Club was formed in 1883, before us would you believe?
We were having a coffee about 15 mins before the start, I looked around and
there having a chat to his family and friends was Mark Renshaw, where
would that happen in Europe I wonder. I just wished him a safe ride as he
went out and got the usual "thanks mate". We then drove to Campbelltown
to see the finish, what a hot day that was 35 (in old money 95F). There
was a large T/V screen there so we could watch the stage unfold. There
was a very nasty climb and descent about 8ks or so before the finish but
impossible to drive there so the T/V was good. Cadel Evans escaped on the
climb and stayed clear to the finish and the noise around the screen was
deafening, we were at the 50 metres but watched on the screen. He took
over the leaders ochre jersey.

Friday. A disappointing day in that we went to the King of the Mountains
climb which was different to 2 years ago when we watched the stage in
that it was a 2k climb, very steep at first but then fairly flat for the last
1k. No surprise in that they all came back together in the 50ks after the
climb and Greipel won the stage as he did 2 years ago in Victor Harbour.

Suzanne rode the BUPA charity ride, a very hilly route over 130ks including
the KOM climb, she did well. Mike in the meantime was riding a sportive in

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