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I have received a letter from Dot Fuller (see below) containing two post
cards and a window sticker, I have copied these to the inside of the cover.

10 Jan 15
I enclose P.C. that I picked up in the “RAPHA” bike shop - when Suzanne
and I went to Sydney just before Xmas - it is a great shop -1 floor of bike
clothing (and normal stuff) all made of such great lightweight materials
- so it was good to get Mike’s Xmas present there - and Suzanne of course.
We spent a good few hours in there - amazed at all the super stuff! and a
coffee shop for the “bikies”. I though this card would remind the “oldies” of
the “woolly shorts with chamois” we all use to wear in the 50’s & 60’s !!
Took so long to dry after washing! And the ritual of rubbing in the chamois
cream - especially after Ken had ridden Cyclo Cross! We had a great few
days see great places in Sydney - dinner out at Circular Quay and
Darling Harbour - really great views and lovely when the light came on
over Opera House and Harbour Bridge as you may know Mark - I think
you may have visited there? (Yes 1979).

We - Suz & Mike & cycling friends with families _ another lady oldie I
could go for beach walks with - while the younger ones were more active -
mountain bikes, etc we went to Kangaroo Island S/A for a week after Xmas
- great place- wild & natural really had a relaxing time there. Came back
to Bush Fires in Mount Lofty (above Adelaide) & this weekend its torrential
rain! Next week is the Tour D.U. & Pro Teams are arriving to-rain!! Hope
it clears by time of the start day on 17 .
All for now
HAPPY NEW YEAR all my friends.

Enclosed sticker for car/ Amy Gillet Foundation, Suz rides the event.

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