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Consistory Court towards the end of the 15 century. Alan suggested that
there is a possibility that the name came from the Old English ‘fance’ (a
deviation I mentioned above), or ‘Fenn’ meaning a marsh, living in a low lying
area, thus feasible in tying in with the Essex Faunces.

I have my own thought that the Faunces were originally French and when
arriving on English soil said, when asked, where are you from, replied France
which sounded to the English enquirer who knows?

Whereas the De Laune and Faunce names are prominent in America* today
our founder’s relative’s also have a strong footing in Australia. Whilst our
vice president Alured is the last of the male lineage from our founder, he
does have distant male cousins. Thomas Alured Faunce (born 1958) is the
son of Dr Marcus de laune Faunce. Thomas, now a Professor, is a prominent
writer of medical related books. He obtained an Arts and Laws degree
(1982) and was at one time a practising Barrister and he then graduated
from medicine in 1993. If my research of several years ago is correct he
also has a brother Marcus Bonham Faunce and sister Charlotte de laune
Faunce. Somewhere along this line I believe there is also a Blake delaune

Maybe Alured could let us know of any other Faunces in Australia of a
direct line from Thomas Faunce and Jane Barrell which would mainly come
through Alured Tasker Faunce. Two others who may have had male
descendants are Granville and Thomas Tasker Faunce, born 1845 and 1847

: I will have to place a large question mark for the time being.

*Googling further I discovered on FamilySearch (the Mormon site), 46,920
residential records of the Faunce Family in America over 150 years or more.
These records appear to be the equivalent of our census as they are also
shown for 10 year periods. The last residential recording on this site was
for 1940 when there were 916 persons named Faunce residing in America.
Today in England there are 2 in the BT Directory, one in Kent which I believe

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