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lines but nobody came to grief and then later went to Dot's to watch the last
couple oh hours and presentation live. It wasn't worth going out to the finish as
the roads would have been chaotic with 6500 club riders doing a ride for BUPA,
Suzanne Ridding nee Fuller did it, about 120 ks I think.

Saturday is the Queen stage going through the McLaren Vale which is just full of
vineyards and very hilly and is usually the deciding stage because of a 4k climb to
be negotiated twice with the finish at the top. We spent some time talking to
Dave and June Tweddell, Dave was a great rider in the De Laune when we had the
likes of Alan Jackson and Dennis Tarr as well. Dave is still suffering quite a bit
from when he came off his bike in the New Forest but we wish him a full recovery.
He was with Stuart "Scamp" Campbell and his wife Jenny who live in Mornington
near Melbourne. Scamp will be known to some of you especially Mike Hartley. Eileen
and I have stayed with them in Mornington and they are great friends of Alan
Radford in the Bec who some of you will remember. Almost everybody was screaming
at Cadel to win, but Ritchie Porte won from Rohan Dennis who kept the leader's
jersey. Again we watched them go by about 5 times and then there was a T/V
screen to follow the race on but unfortunately no sound for whatever reason. As
Dot would say it's better than nowt.

Before the last stage around Adelaide city Cadel Evans did a farewell lap of honour
with the crowd screaming at him all the way round, he is so far the best Australian
cyclist ever with a Tour de France win plus a World road race championships and
various other top results not forgetting his mountain bike world cup wins before
he switched to the road. He has one more race, his own promotion near Melbourne
very shortly. At least I can say that I had the honour of shaking his hand in the
Hilton Hotel Adelaide whilst he was wearing his world championship rainbow jersey
in January 2010. That reminds me, I must shake hands with our De Laune world
champ Alan Rowe next time I'm in Blighty.

The last day was the criterium around Adelaide city with Kittel being the
outstanding favourite to take the stage but unfortunately there was a crash
which took out half the bunch and so the winner was Wouters of Drapac an Aussie
team. Final overall Rohan Dennis BMC, Ritchie Porte and 3rd Cadel. Jack Bobridge
won the KOM holding the jersey from day 1.We can't wait for next year.

We did see the Sky boys in Glenelg near our coffee bar in Glenelg and said hello
and told Geraint Thomas that we will be shouting loudly for him, he asked us who

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