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our favourite Welshman is we said him of course.

Eileen and I had a really lovely time in Adelaide with Dot, some good meals, some
good days out and the odd glass of wine. The area is just full of good wineries,
Barossa, Clare Valley, McClaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills. We saw Suzanne a
few times and then on our penultimate day saw Mike Ridding, Dot's son-in-law. He
had just driven back after riding the Alpine Classic in the mountains of Victoria,
200 ks the ride with 4000metres of ascent, well done Mike.

The weather was kinder than usual in that it was surprisingly cool for Adelaide in
January, last year we landed in Adelaide in 44C but this year it hardly went above
25 most days and quite chilly in the mornings, no rain though during the days we
were there.

I will send some pictures of the
Tour Village next month it really
adds to the race, not quite as
good as other years as they had
re designed it and the riders
didn't really have to walk through
to get into the Hilton but we had
coffees in the Hilton and people

Trust that some of you will find
this interesting.
John Geoghegan.

One last point, Dot late last
year met Alured Faunce De
Laune who lives in Adelaide and
left a couple of messages on
his answer 'phone but sadly we
didn't get to meet him, maybe
next year.

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