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Don’t forget the two Cycle Jumbles this month, and as I said last month,
do come to the Vet’s Dinner on the 22 , I know you would enjoy it.

To my own personal disappointment I have just heard that the Good Friday
Track Meeting will again be held at the Lee Valley Velopark. A great deal of
money has been invested in the ongoing regeneration of the Herne Hill
Stadium and our club has played a great part in this. The Good Friday
meeting is run by the Southern Counties CU, so why are we over in East
London? I know we must move with the times but the Good Friday Meeting
had been the traditional opening of the track season at Herne Hill since
1903. Let’s hope there will be some sort of meeting, as there was last year,
so us oldies can get together for a good old chat.

Photos fromTour Down Under

By John Geoghegan

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