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time to look into her ancestry but understood her family had originated in
the Old Kent Road area but could not recall any family member being a
cyclist. She was very interested and took a photograph of the desk and
the sketch of Charles opposite page 77 of the Club History. She offered
to buy the desk and said she would give it a good home. I explained that
I had no authority to sell it but would put this suggestion to the club


I showed the desk to Mark Ballamy, who said it was the first time he had
ever seen it (it has been stored away in various club members’ lofts since
1998). Mark did not think it a good idea to sell the desk as the club is
not desperate for cash and said that he was prepared to give it a good

home; thus it would therefore remain in the club’s possession. I’m sure Jon
will be happy as there will be a little more room in his loft!

Brian Saxton

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