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De Laune Cycling Club

New members for 2008 included Malachi Pires, Alex Hafey, Steve Valentine
(rejoiner), Adam Roeder,Adam Noble, Pat Conner, Claire Silvester (rejoiner),
Ian Silvester Mick Hartley (rejoiner). Charlie Carlton sadly passed away.

Sadly we lost many of the 'Triathlon Team' of riders, not only were they a
loss to the club but to cycling completely finding other pursuits to follow.
Nigel Scales was amongst the club riders in the 100 km in 4½hrs group of
KCA reliability ride, he thought the task looked a plausible proposition over
coffee - pity no one told him about those pesky hills. His aim for next year
was to finish with the group he started and within the target time ! Nigel,
being a glutton for punishment, later rode the Catford 'Hell of Ashdown'
despite the ice, cold, and lack of training. He sensibly opted for the 50km
distance halfway through the ride.

Bill Wright analysed the club from the point of view of recruitment &
retention via a SWOT basis. He honed in on the demographic age range
and proximity to Herne Hill. He put forward ideas on Club development in
theory and later in practice. Much of the ensuing debate honed in on how
to turn weaknesses into strengths, which is a key feature the management
tool of a SWOT analysis.

An open invitation to a house warming party was extended to all members
by John & Jead Darroch in Thailand !! The front page of DLN in March
featured Monty Watkins proudly wearing his De Laune polo shirt, racing cap
and holding a 70 years of membership tumbler. Our South African agent
Ted McDonald sent his report updating us on life in that vast country,
whilst Garry Birch updated us on life and riding experiences in the US, John
Geogeghan kept us informed of the Australian contingent of De Launites
assuring us that they are all fighting fit if a little older in the tooth.

It was all change at the AGM with a new secretary in the shape of Nigel
Scales, chairman Jon Archdeacon, clothing secretary Mal Pires and after
the AGM a late contender for treasurer Val Peachey. Outgoing officials
were Brian Saxton Sec/Clothing Sec, John Kavanagh chairman, Don White

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