Page 12 - DLN Jan2014-978
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I will commence my report this month by thanking,
on behalf of the club, those members who have kindly
made donations to the club coffers during 2013 -
and in alphabetical order they are : Mark Ballamy,
Pat Burns, Alan Constable, Chris Cowlard, John Dods,
David Dulake, Jennifer Evans, Dave Haggart, Mike Hartley, Paul Kenilworth,
Geoff Margetts, Barry Meens, Derek Munday, Tom O'Connor, Val & Tony
Peachey, Clif Pendleton, Tony Purser, Mike Rice, Roy Savery, Brian
Shambrook, Geoff Sinnett, Eddie Starsmeare, Dave Tweddell, Jayne
Wadsworth, Don White, Jeremy White, George Wood and Bill Wright. As
usual - if you want your name to appear in these headlines just cross my
palm with 'silver' or a note of the realm, by way of a donation, and you will
magically appear on next year's list.

Our next committee meeting is scheduled for early January you will see the
official notice of AGM date elsewhere in this copy of the DLN. It is worth
noting that the meeting will be held early on a Saturday afternoon - allowing
those that want to go for a ride to do so and will also cater for those
members not wishing to drive home in the dark to get home early. This
meeting is one of the opportunities for members to have a direct say in
how the club is being organised and run, if you have any ideas to make it
better please come along and tell us.

All that is left for me is to thank those club members who organise various
functions and events throughout the year and submit their accounts
promptly to me - it does make my life so much easier.

I hope Father Christmas was kind to everyone and that those new year
resolutions of training or going on that diet, last longer than the second
week of January.

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