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Secretary’s Report – Tony

This copy of the DLN carries the official notice of the Annual General
Meeting due to be held on Saturday 29 March 2014 at Blackheath
Harriers Clubroom. The meeting will start at 2pm. This change of timing
will, we hope, encourage a few more members to attend, especially those
that find it difficult to journey into central London on a weekday evening
after spending the day working. An early afternoon timing also allows
those that want to ride to the meeting to do so and those that want to
drive home after the meeting in possible daylight are also catered for.
Please make every effort to attend.

No one came forward at last years AGM to fill the post of Secretary.
This is a role necessary to the functioning of the Club. I felt I had to do
something constructive soon after the meeting so volunteered my services.
I have indicated during the year that I only wanted to stand as Secretary
for one term. I do have other duties within the sport – I am the Secretary
for Cycling Time Trials (RTTC) South East District which is an ongoing role
and at certain times becomes extremely hectic. Therefore a younger
volunteer to undertake the Club Secretary role would be very much welcomed.
Anyone interested in learning the ropes are quite welcome to give me a ring
for guidance. No Chairman volunteered at the last AGM, we have had
a succession of Chairs’ throughout the year – clearly a permanent feature
would also be welcomed. My trawling of existing officers asking them to
indicate as to whether they are willing to continue has been undertaken.
Not all have responded, however I can confirm that we will be seeking at
least 3 new committee personnel. Your Club needs your help.

I must comment on the position of Chairman - Roy Savery has Chaired all
of the meetings except the first one this year, his offer to stand as Chairman
has not been acknowledged by the committee. ED.

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