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V.B.D.R.1669). From 1666 to 1670 Michael de Laune appears as Rector
“studenti gratia” (V.B.) On the 15th November 1672 Michael Delaune receives
a patent to R.V.Caheragh, dioc. Cork (Lib.Mun).

Michael Delaune(born in London son of Henry delaune, “Chiliarchae” and
afterwards Gurtmore, county Cork), by his wife a daughter of Richard Boyle,
was educated in Kinsale under Dean Boyle, and, when twenty years old
became a Sociorum commensalis T.C.D. on 6th May, 1660. He was ordained
a priest on the 20th December 1668, and was in that year made Preceptor
of Ferns and Rector of Enniscorthy. In 1670 he was also Archdeacon of
Dublin, having resigned Caheragh. He held his Archdeaconry, and the
Preceptorship, with Enniscorthy until his death, on the 3rd November, 1675.
He was buried in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin.

In 1670 Gideon paid for the casting of a bell for St Patrick’s Cathedral, it
is inscribed

There is also a mention of Gideon (and Samuel Holt) in connection with the
Erasmus Smith Trust (The High School Dublin) ‘We are Faithful to our Trust’,
when both Gideon and Samuel were conferred lands for one year by Erasmus
Smith and his Trustees on the 3 July 1673. Smith was ensuring he
protected the land he had been given in payment for his support of Cromwell
by supplying food to the army, plus the land he had passed over to him

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