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from his father, Roger. In all, Erasmus supported 5 Irish Protestant
Schools, funding from his land acquisitions in Ireland.

The Lady Chapel re-opened
on 9th July, 2013 after
extensive cleaning of
stonework, commenced in
the previous September at a
cost of 700,000 euros.

Below was e mailed to me by Lesley Russell, it seems poor Grandad Isaac
had his problems even at death:-

On Sunday the 19th of April M. Isaac de Laune, Doctor of Medicine, residing
at Tonnerre, in Burgundy, of the Reformed religion, died, respected by all
right-minded men. His widow then sent to the Administrateur of the
Hospital to ask leave to bury him in one of the burial grounds within that
Hospital, where several Protestants had lately been buried; and this was
freely granted. When this came to the ears of the Dean of the parish of
Notre Dame, he went to the Administrateur with some monks of the
Hospital, and protested, although the dead man had been familiar with
them in his life and was the usual and official doctor of the Hospital. The
widow and friends accordingly decided to bury the body by night to avoid
giving any occasion for complaint. But when in the evening the funeral party
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