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Dear Friends & Family

Every year in South Africa we wonder what will happen next, never a dull
moment in the happenings with our Government. The latest is that our
Minister of Finance is to save R2.5 billion. What’s unusual about that? He
is about to upset lots of ministers; cutting down on the use of luxury
vehicles, cutting out the use of credit cards, no more luxury accommodation.
Instead of the public up in arms over government spending, the majority of
the government could well finish up striking as they are set to lose so many

One of our police chiefs, who has been in his position for 25 years has just
been charged with fraud. By all accounts his Matric Certificate, which
helped him get the position in the first instance, has now been discovered
to be fraudulent.

The former leader of the ANC Youth League Julius, Malema was expelled
from the ANC for bringing the main body into disrepute. So he did the
obvious and formed his own party EFF. All members wear red berets. If any
of them get into parliament they could well be the laughing stock, appearing
with their fancy headgear. His policy is land reform with all white owned
farms being given to Africans with no compensation to be paid. He also
wants to nationalise all banks and mines.

If he gets in expect a large return of many ex pats. More whites for the UK,
how good is that!

We may be the poor performers in the soccer and athletic fields except for
our Para athletes, but how about our cyclists? Wearer of the yellow jersey
in the Tour, a silver medal in the under 23 Worlds road race and the winner
of the Tour de France. Froome may well have a British passport and ride
for England and belong to a British team and all England want to claim him
as one of theirs, but the truth is he was born in Kenya and educated and
raised in South Africa so we have the right to call him one of ours! And
brag about him!

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