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And our football team is on the up, we have risen to 63rd in the world list,
how bad can that be? Our football compared to the Barclays league is so
pathetic that we have almost become rugby fans. At least the Natal
Sharks and the Springboks are both winners!

Taxis! (people carriers to you) Never out of the news. Our only world class
mountain biker Burry Stander was taken out whilst on a training ride. Just
25 years old and with the world at his feet. The taxi came across a solid
white line to turn into the road he was crossing and Wham! and that was
that. The court case is on at present and the driver said ‘I was only turning
and the cyclist was going so fast’. They held several memorial rides for
Burry and cyclists turned up in their thousands. He was a role model for
the younger generation of cyclist because of not only his skills but with his
courtesy and great attitude to life.

Our lorry drivers leave much to be desired - the most used expression heard
on the early morning traffic report on the local station is “lorry broken down
“. You have to listen to believe that so many can break down daily, and that
is only in Natal, so goodness knows how many break down every day in the
rest of the country. Many many lorries are stopped at road blocks and with
the majority the problem is brakes, or should I say brake failure. With the
hills around Durban, all roads go down to the coast, so you can image how
many lorry accidents there are daily.

We have just had a lorry lose control coming down a hill leading to a major
crossing at peak hour, brakes failing, in one of our nearby suburbs, Pinetown.
The truck carried on across the junction just as the lights changed colour.
It hit three taxis laden with passengers and came to rest on top of a car
24 dead, mostly in the taxis and 37 seriously injured.

Seems to be cyclists jumping red robots (traffic lights) is a problem in the
UK. The problem we have in South Africa is cars, taxis etc not jumping but
deliberately driving through red, normally two to three vehicles sometime
more. Even after the lights have changed to the opposite direction, they
still keep coming through especially at peak hour. We have had several nasty
accidents because of driver’s impatience.
What keeps us here? Well we have just had winter; day temp anything from
17 min to 28 max daily and I believe we once or twice went into single figures

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