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at night. The sun shines every day blue blue skies and barely a drop of rain.
Natal is a great province to retire to as up country they have normal winter,
cold miserable and some of the areas even snow. But as summer appears
down comes the rain and it even gets cold sometimes!

These days we are looked upon as exchange refugees. The British pound
hovers around R16/17 to one pound and 9+ Australia dollars to the Rand.
In the seventies and eighties when emigration was at its peak the rates
stood at 2 Rand to one pound sterling and 1 Aust Dollar to the Rand. For
you Brits, what an inexpensive holiday! My sister has just been out here
and intends showing the restaurant bills to all and sundry, a good meal
with starters and drinks for three of us cost +-R375.

When you are all reading this edition of African Letter Judi and I will be in
New Zealand to see Judi’s daughter for the first time in six years, her two
grand children who are now all grown up and one married with two great
grand children, 4 years & 3 months. Six weeks holiday in all, so I’m looking
forward to riding my bike again on the road, definitely a change from the
grind on the Turbo. We are led to believe that Hawkes Bay where we are
staying is a cycling friendly area and known as the hub of NZ cycling, I hope
so as I haven’t ridden on the road with traffic since 2009 when we moved
back to Durban

I often wonder if these letters are read. Last year we had some lovely letters
from people including a couple of De Laune members saying how much they
enjoyed them. Thanks for
that, gives me
encouragement to keep
them rolling.

May you all have a great
Christmas and a prosperous
New Year and may the Lord
bless you all.

Ted and Judi McDonald and office staff

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