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front??” [DLN’s a family magazine so I thought I should paraphrase..] I
think I might try to get him to ride with you guys at the KCA Reliability –
I’ll just follow in a car with my eyes averted – I don’t like to see too much

suffering..! J

I get the impression the narrative in the book is probably much like the man
himself. The narrative hops around a bit but you have the feeling that
Sean’s sharing with you, as though you were on a club-ride. He’s a brave
man – not many husbands would let their ex-wife loose to write her own
chapter in their autobiography – and she’s prepared to criticise him too!
Interesting views behind the scenes at Team Sky at “Brad’s Tour”.. especially
if read in conjunction with Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish’s latest
autobiographies, which cover 2012.
Recommended read!

This book follows on from the first volume of Cav’s autobiography “Boy Racer”
and is pretty much what you’d expect from seeing him in TV interviews and
reading press interviews with him. It’s a much more flowing read than Sean
Yates book, harder to put down, and reflects their different characters,
with Cav being much more of a “heart on the sleeve” type. Cav’s take on
the 2012 Tour and Sean in particular probably means each of them saved
on a Xmas card this year.. Cav’s narrative is fast but also thoughtful and
underlines the though he puts into his sprints. Fascinating to hear that
his habit of doing logic puzzles on the team bus at Omega Pharma Lotto
(OPL) led to his team-mates gradually dumping their lad mags and doing
the same! It’s interesting that looking back on his shaky start with OPL
he avoids criticising Gerd Steegmans and actually notes that he was a
convenient scapegoat when things weren’t working out in terms of wins.
As with Sean’s book, some interesting insights.
Another cracking read!! (Can’t wait for Chris Froome’s book to get the final
segment of the view on the 2012 Tour.. – until Dave Brailsford gets into
print that is!)

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