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Thursday 28 November 2013.
When you sent the most recent DLN in ‘Powerpoint’ I was wondering whether
you had been on a pre-Christmas binge?
Then the replacement came later so you must have sobered up!
While checking thru the DLN’s for 2013 I find I am five missing, please would
it be possible to resend :
Jan 2013. Mar 2013. May 2013.Oct 2013.Nov 2013.
Better e-mail them two at a time in case they exceed the allowable file size
with my Server.

So it is almost ‘That time of the year again’ never the same here, it is just
another day on the Buddhist calendar.

Jead and I have just arrived
back from three months in
California, we had only two
days of rain during the entire
period, as you might guess
everything is brown in color
although we did get some
serious rain last Thursday the
day before we departed for
Phuket. The first part of our
vacation was not so good, we
drove up to the NAPA Valley
in northern California, located inland from San Francisco. In case you don’t
know this is the wine growing region. I picked the wrong week to do this
because October is the wine harvesting season. All accommodation was
booked and expensive, plus every time we went out there were traffic jams
then no place to park when we arrived at a small town. We cut our intended
stay from seven days down to three.

We drove back on an incredibly good scenic route. Taking this route was an
accident as I had three choices when setting the GPS in the car. I chose
the one that looked good. We had some nice meals out and a few stops for

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