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wine tasting. at times this took us to within 50 miles of Yosemite National
Park. We saw virtually no traffic, the roads were well paved but hilly with
many hairpin bends. If you went off the edge it was a 1000 to 2,000 foot
sheer drop, there were no barriers. We were glad we had taken this drive it
was incredible going up to 6,000 feet plus at times.

The following week Jead wanted to go to Las Vegas, I hate the place but
relented, we had three days at the Bellagio. It was OK but for me Las Vegas
is not so good I used to do work there so have been there maybe fifty plus

Running out of ideas as to where
to go I was talked into taking a
cruise, never done this before.

I chose the Panama Canal cruise
with the Holland America Line. We
flew over to Florida and ended up
17 days later in San Diego only
20 miles from my old house where
my son and family now live. The
Cruise was fantastic, the ship
was about the size of Titanic but
by today’s standards small, with
1,400 passengers and 600 crew. Some of the new vessels have 6,000
passengers and crew.

The food aboard was gourmet all the time, but we did not put on weight
because we ate sensibly. We have enjoyed it so much we intend to do another
one next year, places and dates yet to be decided. I have written to Don
and Beryl, my brother Malcolm and Diana plus our long time friends in
Australia, hoping we might make it a ‘grand get together’ before we are all
a bit late. I had my 80 birthday while in California.

Altogether our holiday break lasted for three months; we only arrived back
in Phuket last Sunday.

All the time we were away we had glorious weather, it did rain in California
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