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last Thursday the day before we left. If you have never done a cruise it is
something not to be missed. Maybe you and your wife might consider joining
us sometime next year?

Since arriving back last Sunday Jead and I are struggling with jet lag, the
door to door journey was 28 hours plus there is a fifteen hour time
difference between here and California.

Well I have rambled on enough, may I take this opportunity to wish all my
old De Laune friends a healthy and very HAPPY CHRISTMAS plus a great
NEW YEAR to come
Take care,

John D.
Note: all requested copies of DLN sent, and the, DLN first went out in a
PPP file by mistake, ppp is Page Plus Publishing this is the Desk Top Publisher
that I use, .

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Past member Garry Birch still very active with the
Fremont Freewheelers BC - California Garry standing 4 th
from the left.


Race Team Director
Garry Birch

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