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passage; and of the party on the 'first-floor to the right,' who had to
consider of 'the union of the Gibbleton line to the Great-Trunk-Due-Eastern-
"For these business meetings the rooms are arranged with benches, and
sumptuously Turkey-carpeted; the end being provided with a long table for
the directors, with an imposing array of papers and pens,

"'The morn, the noon, the day is pass'd' in the reports, the speeches, the
recriminations and defences of these parties, until it is nearly five o'clock.
In the very same room the Hooping Cough Asylum Dinner is to take place
at six; and the Mexican Bondholders are stamping and hooting above, on
the same floor which in an hour is to support the feast of some Worshipful
Company which makes it their hall. The feat appears to be altogether
impossible; nevertheless, it must and will be most accurately performed."

The Secretary has scarcely bound the last piece of red tape round his
papers, when four men rush to the four corners of the Turkey carpet, and
half of it is rolled up, dust and all. Four other men with the half of a clean
carpet bowl it along in the wake of the one displaced. While you are watching
the same performance with the remaining half of the floor, a battalion of
waiters has fitted up, upon the new half carpet, a row of dining-tables and
covered them with table-cloths. While in turn you watch them, the entire
apartment is tabled and table-clothed. Thirty men are at this work upon a
system, strictly departmental. Rinse and three of his followers lay the
knives; Burrows and three more cause the glasses to sparkle on the board.
You express your wonder at this magical celerity. Rinse moderately replies
that the same game is going on in the other four rooms; and this happens
six days out of the seven in the dining-room.

When the Banquet was given to Mr. Macready in February, 1851, the London
Tavern could not accommodate all the company, because there were seven
hundred and odd; and the Hall of Commerce was taken for the dinner. The
merchants and brokers were transacting business there at four o'clock;
and in two hours, seats, tables, platforms, dinner, wine, gas, and company,

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