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were all in. By a quarter before six everything was ready, and a chair placed
before each plate. Exactly at six, everything was placed upon the table, and
most of the guests were seated.

For effecting these wonderful evolutions, it will be no matter of surprise
that we are told that an army of servants, sixty or seventy strong, is
retained on the establishment; taking on auxiliary legions during the dining

The business of this gigantic establishment is of such extent as to be only
carried on by this systematic means. Among the more prominent displays
of its resources which take place here are the annual Banquets of the
officers of some twenty-eight different regiments, in the month of May.
There are likewise given here a very large number of the annual
entertainments of the different Charities of London. Twenty-four of the City
Companies hold their Banquets here, and transact official business. Several
Balls take place here annually. Masonic Lodges are held here; and almost
innumerable Meetings, Sales, and
Elections for Charities alternate with
the more directly festive business of
the London Tavern. Each of the
departments of so vast an
establishment has its special
interest. We have glanced at its
dining-halls, and its turtle and wine
cellars.[56] To detail its kitchens
and the management of its stores
and supplies, and consumption, would
extend beyond our limit, so that we
shall end by remarking that upon no
portion of our metropolis is more
largely enjoyed the luxury of doing
good, and the observance of the
rights and duties of goodfellowship,
than at the London Tavern.

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