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Ann Delaune (continuing the Irish lineage)
Ann was born in Dublin in 1685 and she was to marry a Thomas Marlay in
1707. They had 11 children of which only five were to reach adulthood. They
are the 4 in portrait below and the 5 , an elder brother Anthony

(L-R) ALICE, THOMAS, MARY, with RICHARD at the front.

With the exception of Alice, all the children were to make their mark in Irish
history, but first their father Thomas deserves a mention for his part in
Irish history.

Thomas was educated at Dublin University and obtained Bachelor of Arts
and Doctor of Laws degrees. His career saw him become Solicitor General
of Ireland, Attorney General, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, and finally Chief
Justice of the Kings Bench, the position he held until he retired through ill
health at the age of 69 (1751).

It is said that a contributory factor to his ill health was due to his position
as Chief Justice. To illustrate this, his most notable trial, the ‘Annesley
perjury’ case involving a James Annesley and Richard Annesley (6 Earl
of Anglesey, known as Lord Altham). who were contesting as to which of
them was the rightful owner of the title and estates, took twenty two hours,

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