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them was the rightful owner of the title and estates, took twenty two hours,
where Thomas conducted it more or less single handed.

James Annesley, claimed to be the legitimate son of Arthur, the late 4th
Baron Altham, the older brother of Richard, and consequently a nephew of
Anglesey. As a young teenager, Annesley was kidnapped, shipped to the
American plantations, and sold as an indentured servant in 1728, apparently
on the orders of his uncle. This case is said to have inspired Robert Louis
Stevenson to write his famous book, “Kidnapped”. The claim was not
substantiated and Richard held on to his title and estates.

Thomas was also responsible for the building of the current Celbridge Abbey,
which was to become the Marlay family home.

Celbridge Abbey

The house was built in 1697 by Bartholomew Van Homrigh, who at the time
was the Lord Mayor of Dublin. It is, however, more famous, the childhood
(1688–1707) and later adult
(1714–23) home of his
daughter, Esther
Vanhomrigh, (1688–1723),
who was Jonathan Swift's
'Vanessa'. Swift was known
to travel frequently to
Celbridge Abbey to see her.
The poem in which Swift
fictionalized her as Vanessa
"Cadenus and Vanessa"
(1713), was written seven
years before he visited her in Celbridge in 1720. A rock bower associated
with the lovers is a 19th-century recreation.
The current Celbridge Abbey was constructed by grandfa-
ther of the Irish parliamentarian Henry Grattan. His daughter Mary was

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