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Charity no. 1140128

Herne Hill Velodrome Trust should like to invite all who may be interested in the
Velodrome (HHV), and future cycling there, to see and comment on our proposals
for this third Pavilion Phase of its renovation, before preliminary submission for
planning consent.

The plans will be on display at St Barnabas Church Hall, Dulwich Village, SE21 7BT,
in the Back Room, on Wednesday 19, Thursday 20 and Wednesday 26 March,
7pm-9pm, and in the Main Hall, (wheelchair accessible session), on Saturday 22
March, 10am-2pm. And we shall be there to answer questions and hear your views.

The HHV track was resurfaced in 2011 - Phase 1. A junior track, multiuse games
area and track lighting were added in 2013, thanks to Southwark's Olympic Legacy
Project - Phase 2, providing cycling facilities for all ages and abilities.

This, Phase 3, is for a new Pavilion, much the same size and height, and in almost
the same place, as the existing, condemned, Victorian Grandstand. We are very
privileged to have it designed by Mike Taylor, of Hopkins, architects of the Olympic
Velodrome. On the lower floor, are changing rooms, showers, toilets, physio and
office rooms. A lift and stairs give access to the upper floor's club and facilities
rooms, kitchen and a veranda cafe, framed by the Grandstand's iconic, 1891 cast
iron pillars (reused), trackside.

Cycle storage remains in the containers on their present site, with a tented canopy
over the central area to provide protected space in bad weather.

The added facilities allow the Velodrome site to be used for more of each day, for
more of the year, and the Pavilion will improve the HHV experience greatly, without
significantly increasing intensity of use or the need for an additional vehicle access.

Please come and tell us what you think. There will be visitor survey forms at St
Barnabas Church Hall.

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