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Alured Faunce-de Laune

We have a new member this
month and it gives me great
pleasure to welcome Alured
Faunce-de Laune as an
Honorary Vice President. It is
some 58 years since his
Grandmother Margaret
passed away, our last link with
the Faunce-de Laune family.
Alured has for some years been reading the De Laune News and has taken
the trouble to write to me at Christmas time expressing his interest in my
‘write ups’ of the Faunce and De laune families.

In January I asked the club committee if we could invite Alured to become
an Honorary Vice President, reuniting us with our founder’s family, Alured
being his Great Grandson, the committee were unanimous.

I await Alured’s permission to publish his letter in full but here is his
acceptance paragraph. Malcolm

Alured we are honoured, welcome to the De Laune Cycling
Club, may your association with us be a long one.

Photos: Past Presidents Margaret 1949/57 & Capt. Alured 1910/49

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