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A Mystery de Laune Faunce

As I said last month, on filing De Laune and Faunce material, I have more to
write about.

Firstly, I found a photocopy from the December 1962 DLN where Charlie
Yearsley wrote an article entitled ‘The Siege of Quebec’. He had visited the
famous Heights of Abraham and his interest arose when he saw near General
Wolfe’s landing point, a road called ‘Avenue Delaune’. He researched
information fairly accurately corresponding to what I wrote last year, and
that was without the aid of a computer!

I also found another photocopy from the following month’s DLN (Jan 1963),
this was a letter from a Mr L. deLaune Faunce from Orpington. Apparently
J.E.F.Butcher had written to him to try to re-establish a connection with our
founder’s family. 51 years later, mission accomplished!

Some 20 years later in 1983 Stan Endean made contact with our now vice
president Alured for information on the Faunce De Launes , which Alured
kindly sent to Stan with a covering letter.

I am glad Stack had the foresight to keep all the past correspondence with
the Faunce De Laune family, along with some press cuttings and other
snippets of information, especially Mr L de Laune Faunce’s letter.
(reproduced elsewhere in this month’s DLN)

To explain: This gentleman is not shown on the comprehensive Faunce family
tree that I have, whilst all the persons he mentioned are, thus a mystery as to
his exact identity. This started me off on his trail. I have written to Alured
to see if he can shed any light on the gentleman and in the meantime started
ploughing through ‘A Family that went out into the World’ written by Alan
De laune Faunce, and have found a William deLaune Faunce, known as Billy,
who was born in India and went into care, due to the death of his parents in
1935 when he was about 9 years old. His parents were Major Alured deLaune
Faunce and 2 wife Clara (nee Clarke), who was 30 years his junior.
This William (Billy)) ticks all the boxes as to being the same person as Mr L.
De Laune Faunce, as he tells us in his letter that he was a WO in the R.A.O.C.

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