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and was medically discharged in 1950. William was also stated (Alan De
Laune Faunce’s history) as being a WO but in the R.E.M.E. part of the British
Occupational Forces (based in India) serving in Japan. This was 1948 and
William (Billy) met a distant cousin Marcus, who lost touch when William
(Billy) returned to England to be hospitalised for treatment for TB in around
1950/51. This all reads as being too much of a coincidence, but have yet to
make any further progress in this direction. (But now read below)

However, I have Identified Mr L deLaune Faunce, as being Leslie Lawrence
de Laune Faunce, and since the letter to the club he had a second son. I was
hoping to have found Michael or David deLaune Faunce living in the UK
now, but the family went to Australia some time after Leslie’s letter to the
club, and maybe that is why J.E.F. Butcher had no luck in finding a Patron
for us at that time.

Leslie was on the Australian Electoral roll in 1968 until 1977 and interestingly
his occupation is shown as an Electrical Fitter Mechanic an occupation
William (Billy) would have been well qualified for as having served in the
R.E.M.E. Leslie died somewhere between 1977 and 1980 as his wife is
registered as a widow in the 1980 listing.

Since I wrote the above I now have a copy of Major Alured
Faunce’s ‘Will’, which he signed on 12 September 1934, in which
he names his 10 year old son, Leslie, as the absolute beneficiary
to his estate (There is no mention of his children Edmund or Mary
by his first wife). The executors and Trustees and guardian to
Leslie were Alured’s brother and sister-in-law, Joshua Clarke &
Miss Lena Clarke.

From this, it is certain that there was never a William. It seems that Alan,
when writing his history, fell into the trap that researchers should avoid, never
make assumptions as they often lead you on a false trail.
But now I will make one!

When Alan wrote of Alured’s son from his second marriage, he had
been told by either Edmund (Leslie’s half brother), or Marcus, or

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