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This saga is far from over, but first a thank you to Royboy for going to
Reigate to collect it. I have yet to see it and Roy said there is a lot of fixing
matter and solder on the back. So, as yet, cannot see if it has any assay
marks on it, or indication of the removal of a fixing pin. If there is a hallmark
we will be able to date it, and I am hoping like mad there is and that it is
the badge seen on the front cover of our ‘A Century Awheel’ worn by Charles
Southon on his cap.

Reference to Charles in our book (Page 15) states

. This we know is not strictly true, but the
badge we now have back could be the one.

However, as seen in the picture on the front cover of ‘A Century Awheel’
other club members were also wearing rather large cap badges, is it one of

Of course all of this is still open for debate
especially if one reads Page 200 of our book,
which states, ‘

So, what happened to
the one made in 1950, to continue, ‘

(the badge that disappeared was
the 1950 replacement, with ‘Club Captain’ inscribed!) The paragraph
continues, mentioning my claim to having found the original and states it
was just a copy given to the Darts League back in 1951.

So, according to our book and the minutes, I now make that 3 club captain’s
badges, plus a replica for the Darts League. This begs a question, ‘why did
the club want a new badge in 1950 if they had the Southon original and

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