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then give a replica to the Darts league in 1951?’ In fairness to the author,
Mike Rabbetts, he only wrote what he was told by various members and
pieced it together.

I am sticking to my belief, the original is back!
PS. In the meantime Stack is ploughing back through the old minutes for
clues. Mark has now cleaned off all the fixing matter and can see where
the fixing pin was. Unfortunately, the badge is only gilded and not even
silver, so no markings to date it.

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When we had our own Club House they were all available for all to see but
since then they have been stored away. Well a few weeks ago they arrived
on my doorstep via Brian Saxton, he thought I may like to have a look at
them, having started to look I thought what a poor condition a lot of them
were in. But I then thought how nice it would be for all members to have
access to them, so I have started making digital images of every page and
if you would like to look at the first 12 album a total of 569 pages 1903
to the 70’s, you can see them at;-

There will be more to follow

Mark Ballamy

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