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Eileen and I went a couple of weeks ago to an exhibition on the South Bank
in Brisbane of Australian cycling history which was very interesting.
Considering the state of the roads in those days it's amazing that the
second oldest classic one day road race in the world is Australian, the
Melbourne to
Warnambool classic
first held in 1887
and only 2nd in age
to the Liege
Bastogne Liege,
they also have
track race dating
back to 1887 and
the oldest cycling
club in the Southern
Hemisphere and
still very strong
today, the Norwood Cycling Club in Adelaide formed in 1883.

The first 'photo is of the Melbourne Olympics programme held in 1956, price
one shilling. Some of us will remember that this was the Olympics in which
our very own Alan Jackson won an individual bronze medal in the road race
and the team silver medal as well. I can still remember seeing those medals
for the first time and
holding them.

The second 'photo is of
the bike that Robbie
McKewen rode to so many
victories in his heyday.

The 3rd 'photo is of the
Cannondale that Cadel
Evans rode when he was

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