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The following is taken from a report by John Geoghegan
(March 2008) when he visited Monty to
presented him with a tumbler for 70 years
of membership. Joined 28/01/1937

Monty was born in Whitechapel and lived for a while in Vauxhall
and remembers with fondness his days in the De Laune on
clubruns etc. We also talked with fondness about people like
Chip, Ken Hill Ken Fletcher who are sadly no longer with us,
plus people like Bill Miles Les Pyne, Tom Bewsey and George
Wood. He did a bit of racing and showed me a medal from the
De Laune when he did 1hr 8mins 52secs for 2nd place, he cannot believe the times
people do now.

Monty joined the RAF in 1941 and became a pilot flying Liberator 4 engine bombers
on Coastal Command, St Davids in Wales, Lagens, Azores and Gibraltar. After
demob in 1946 he did some freight flying and then he joined BOAC and flew
Constellations which were the large passenger planes before jets. He then joined
Qantas when they were advertising for pilots in 1951,he met Pam at a party in
Sydney and married in 1953 and has been in Australia ever since. He left flying in

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