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1956, fed up with being away from home for
days on end flying around the world and had
a complete change of direction going into
"welding manipulation" finally retiring in 1981
when he sold the business.

He has a lovely house in a stunning location
overlooking Pittwater and the Hawksbury river
which is an area up near the northern beaches
of Sydney, and he and Pam swim in their own
pool twice every day an improvement on

Apart from the 70 year tumbler I also presented him with a De Laune polo shirt
and racing cap and these he proudly wore.


Monty and his brother Taff, also a member of the De Laune, were both born
in Whitechapel Fire Station where their father was the Station Officer. In
those days, the 1930s, both the officers and firemen had living
accommodation with their families in flats over the engine room.

Taff died a few years ago having progressed through the ranks to become
a Senior Officer in the London Fire Brigade and founder of the London Fire
Brigade Cycle Team in the 1960s. Taff had visited his brother on several
occasions in Australia, where he enjoyed the fishing.

B�i�n S�xt��
Als� �x �i��m��.

Change of address for ex-member

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