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Jef ( J E F Butcher ) has been in touch with another member of the De Laune family, L. De
Laune Faunce who lives at Orpington, who has written as follows.

I was indeed surprised to hear from you and very honoured by the De Laune Cycling Club
asking me and other members of the family to be patrons. My wife and I would be extremely
pleased to accept provided my family be, as I am sure it is,linked with the Faunae De Laune of
Sharsted Court, Newnham, Kent.

Some years ago, when I had just returned from overseas, where the family has established itself,
I tried to contact Mr. Alured Faunce De Laune at Sharsted Court, but had no reply and shortly
afterwards learned of his death.

I am enclosing family details in my possession. There is also a Dr. Marc de Laune Faunce living
at Ghenanga, Adelaide, South Australia, who may directly related.

Unfortunately I have no record of the Capt Delaune you mention who was at the taking
of Quebec in 1759. I shall be very grateful if you could fill in any gaps in the family tree
and it history the club has collected
_ .
'I was aware of the existence of the De Laune Cycling Club and its activities, as some of
my wife's family have belonged to the Club inthe past, also I have known of the tombs of the
De Launes and Faunces at Doddington, ant but have never had the opportunity of visiting them.

My wife and I have lived at Orpington, for seven years with our 2 year old son, who is named
Michael Alured and we are expecting another baby in July. We would welcome the
oportunity of meeting you and would like to wish every member of the De Laune Cycling
Club a Happy and Prosperous NowYear with many successes in racing events in 1963.
Details of relatives of Major A deLaune Faunce -

Capt. R. Faunce served with the 4th. Kings Own Regiment at Waterloo 1815

General E. Faunce C.B.(father) served in the Indian Mutiny. Commanded
the China Ekpedition 1891. D.A.A. and Q.M.G. Madras Army. Awarded, Good
Sevice Pension.

Trooper - Killed whilst serving with Irish Yeomanry. in South
Africa. • .
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