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Col. R. de Laune Feaunce (brother) 28th. Light Cavalry, served in China

Major A de Laune Faunce(my father) 72nd. Punjab Regt. and 9th.Bhopal
Regt. Served in Worid War 1

Lieut.E. de Laune Faunce(my step-brother) 1/20th.Burma Infantry

W.O.Class I L de Laune Faunce(self) R.A.O.C. medically discharged 1950

30.05.15 ISLE OF GRAIN Q10/24
Once again Dave and I are organising the clubs Open 10 TT on 30th May
and we really need the help and support of our fellow club mates to come
out and help us with the organisation on the day.
It goes without saying that the more De Laune members we can have of
the day the better, its a good afternoon and if we have extra marshalls it
will allow those who want to to line up at the start.

As a minimum we need the following:
- 1 person to man the signing on desk and collect the rider numbers back
in after the event
- 3 marshalls at the Fenn roundabout
- 2 pusher off (erers)! - last year we had a full field, too many bikes
to manager for 1 pair of steady hands
Val and Tony have both kindly offered to be the official time keepers
but we really need a second recorder to assist Val on the finish line
We could also do with some one to help out with the results board too.

This year we have a change to the HQ and will be at the Village Hall in
Stoke, Stoke Village Hall, Mallard Way Lower Stoke ME3 9ST. First
rider is off at 15:00 so we will need every on at the HQ 14:30/14:45 and
we will be finished by 17:45/18:00.

If you could drop me an email to let me know if you are available on

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