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Treasurers Report

     Can I begin by asking all those current members to ensure to renew their
club membership soonest. I know David has been chasing you lately – it is
important not only for the club but for you as well because unless you have
renewed your membership you will not have the right to vote at the
forthcoming AGM in April. Please make every effort to attend, your views
are important to us as a club, especially as our membership refuses to grow
despite many attempts to attract additional new blood.

     The advertising banners at Herne Hill track need to be replaced this year
– they advertise the fact that we are 125 years old, however that was in 2014
so we have invested some money to purchase 2 new banners but we need
some ideas of what the new design should be – all ideas will be greatly
appreciated and should be sent to Chalky White our esteemed secretary.

     Don't forget if you want new kit for the coming season Christrian Rudolf
is the man to speak to his e-mail address is for
all Bioracer kit. If you want any of the Giordana kit your man is Tony
Peachey – address in DLN.

                                                             Birthdays for March

                                                            1st Jeremy White
                                                            14th Mark Ballamy
                                                            15th Nigel Scales
                                                            26th Juliet Sprake
                                                            29th David Rudd
                                                            29th Don White
                                                            30th Chris Chalet

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