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Further to Bill’s article re the survival of the club through the lack of new

I am full of ideas but too old to carry them out. As most of you probably know
I have been a second claim member of the San Fairy Ann for about 40 years.
It had a membership of about 120 and, like us, a lot of old guys. Since the
cycling boom they now have about 550 members.

How did they do it? They did not wait for people to walk through the door,
but pushed the name of the club through cycle shops, sportives and for
charities for the Kent Air Ambulance also running events for the little kids.

This was not the answer to the growth of the club but the blue touch-paper
was lit. All the good work Bill has put in at Herne Hill for the kids is so good
especially for those who want to race. But, lets face it, the riders of today
are in the age bracket 25 to 40 who do not want to race but just ride bikes
and perhaps ride a sportive or just want to go out on club runs. These are
the people we want and we should go for. Racing could be introduced at a
later date!!! I would love to see a lot of young talent in the club but it would
seem that as they get older they find out about cars, pubs and girls (I
remember them) so we lose them.

So again how did they do it? They encouraged people to come out on club
runs by advertising them Do you remember we had the bulk of our members
through an advert in the Cycling which said “Join a mans club, join the De
Laune” (We were an all-male club at the time) and it worked for me. Advertise
the club, we can afford it.

So we advertise and get a few enquires, now what do we do with them? Do
we send them out with the Brighton Road Chain Gang and never see them
again? Or do we direct them to our special club runs? I can hear you say “
What special club runs?” Again let me explain; without boring you about the

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