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The SFA had about two Saturday club-runs for different levels of fitness.
This seemed to work as they now have 12 Saturday club runs. Yes, 12 club-runs,
plus a special racing section. I would say that 90 percent of the 550
members just want to ride bikes.

De Laune Special club Runs? We would not get a rush from our advert to
start with, but a trickle. A trickle we have got to look after. We should start
with two club runs with two club run leaders. Now for the hard bit - we have
got to have two dedicated leaders who would turn up, whether it be raining
or snowing. Even if it was only to say the club run is off. They would have to
turn up.

Who wants to do this job? In the old days we had Jack Young and Charley
Carlton. If you love cycling and have no commitments this would be the job
for you. Would it have to be a club member I hear you ask? I know that some
guys who love riding a bike would do it but it would involve expenses!! Why not
pay the leader? Did you know that the SFA pay members to marshal and
have not got the bank balance we have?

Do we need a clubroom? Well, we need a place for committee meetings but,
my answer would be ‘no’. Perhaps then a meeting in a pub, say once a month,
and make it a social meeting. I can hear some people saying what about the
kids? It is hard to say this but we have no kids. The SFA have no clubroom
in the summer but keep in contact my email. To swell the membership and
survive the market what we are looking at is the 25 year olds and upwards.
From large groups little gems, I hope, will appear.

Do we have to meet in London for club runs? Not all the time, but at a meeting
place clear of the London traffic. It is hard to say this, but use your car to
the start of the club run. The bulk of riders have cars and computers. A friend
of mine who works for Halfords tells me he sells an equal amount of car bike
racks as bikes. I see a lot of London clubs meeting down my neck of the woods
with cars in free car parks.

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