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The meeting places could vary to ride in new areas as long as you keep in
touch with members through the mag and, most important, weekly through
the web. It works via block emails from each individual group telling them the
meetings place the distance and the stop for refreshments.

To summarize my suggestions:

 1. Have a big push on advertising the club. Not as a racing club but as a good
      social club with various activities. We advertise our opens (as do a lot of clubs)
      and spend a lot of money on prizes but it does not give us new members.

2. Advertise our club on the lines of “Join a good social club with various
activity’s or better still join us on one of our club runs to see if you like us, or how
about a day trip to France on your bike or a Christmas club run around Richmond
Park or an evening meal with our members. This is called The Belgium Night. I know
we have wiz kids in the club who could put together an advert on the above lines.
Most important we show a contact telephone number or an email address.

3. Before you start the above you have got to let us say two leaders who will
turn up. Pay them say £50 per day expenses. If you remember, we paid a fortune
to a guy to take out just our club not long ago.

4. We could have a special club run on a specified date advertised in all the
cycling mags we can find. “Join our special club run day to see if you like us join the
De Laune CC” etc.

5. Remember, things have changed over the years and so must we. Any
product that is not advertised will be dead in the water.

6. You will notice that I recommend Saturday club runs? It would seem
that the age group I am looking at are married or have partners and like to
ride on the Saturday and spend the rest of the weekend with them. It works
with football clubs.

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