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                                                                       March 1954

Leaving London for Dorchester under a dull sky were four cyclists' - Charlie
Carlton and Mark Ballamy on their tandem, with Johnny Moss and myself on
our solos'. As we reached Wandsworth Common we were nearly run over by a
horse and cart, the driver being half asleep, but luckily we were not.

Our first stop was at "Gingers " cafe' at Staines, where we had our fill of
coffee and toast, then tried our hand at winning a fortune on the slot
machine (we failed ). We then continued on our way, but it wasn't long before
the rain caught, up with us, and and stayed with us all the morning. Reaching
Henley on Thames we decided it was time for lunch, which was very welcome.

After lunch we found that a lot of snow and ice was laying on the roads, but
this did not stop Charlie and Mark from flying down the long hills of the

Arriving early at Dorchester we decided to "get the miles in" and rode on to
Abingdon for tea, after which we rode back to our "digs " in Dorchester. We
were greeted by H. Edmunds, who had arrived by a different route. Then we
"spived " ourselves up, and settled down for a second tea, after which we found
the local, and settled down for a pint, or pints, and a game of dominoes

.Returning to the "digs " we met the late comers, consisting of "Chip ", "Chalky
"White, Chris Downs, and Peter Staff who organised the weekend. After the
usual "chin-wag " we sorted ourselves out, and retired to bed.

Sunday morning was cold and sunny when I awoke, and I was just in time for
a cup of tea in bed, before we were invaded by "Chip ", this resulted in us all
being late for breakfast.

When all was ready we set off en-route for Oxford, and elevenses, which we
had in a quick service milk bar, but it was wrongly named, it should have been
called a slow service milk bar. After riding down some small back lanes most

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