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of the morning, we decided we must find somewhere for lunch, so we invaded
the first big hotel we came to, and had a slap up meal (hang the expense).
After lunch we said cheerio to the tandem pair, for they were too fast for us,
and let them go on to Staines to order tea.

Then the rest of us pottered off down the lanes via Charlgrove and Walington,
to Marlow, where "Chip " decided that we must speed up to arrive in time for
tea. This we did and arrived at 8 -15 (late tea) but between the eight of us
we soon made short work of the 15 teas ordered.

After being well stoked up we left for home, it was an easy ride as we had a
following wind. This ended a very enjoyable weekend in Oxfordshire.

                                    The answer: Really Soon! The Trust
are about to sign the building contract with the highly
recommended winner of their tendering process Conamar Building
Services. A 99 year lease (for the track and new building area)
has been agreed with the Dulwich Estate and British Cycling and
all that remains to be done is arrange the release of funds from
the four funders behind the project ; The Marathon Trust, Sport
England, The Mayor’s Fund and Southwark Council. Until that’s
sorted we still can’t be certain of a start date, but it’s looking
like......really soon! I’m sure people can appreciate the complexity
of co-ordinating all the parties involved in this project; we owe a
massive ‘thanks’ to Trustee Richard Williams who’s tirelessly stuck
to the highly tricky and time consuming job of bringing everything
together. Trust the Trustees, it is about to happen.

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