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          Race commitments by Paula
      This year I am signed up for two long distance races, the TransAtlanticWay
       Race and the Transcontinental Race, ooft… I said it! :/

      After the TransAtlanticWay Race last year I found it difficult to find other
       races that interested me, nothing seemed to be quite as scenic, challenging
       and easy to get to. So I ended up taking it easy on the bike and concentrating
       on recovering from the injuries that I acquired during the race. I also spent
       the time deciding what races I wanted to do in 2017.

       I  wasn't  sure  what  I  fancied  doing  until  I  thought  I  had  missed  the
      Transcontinental Race deadline and felt absolutely gutted! Luckily I hadn’t
       missed it and I registered and was fortunate enough to get a place! Whoop!
       I also signed up to the TransAtlantic way race again. But for some reason I
       didn’t feel fully committed to those races just yet, there was a little bit of
       doubt in my mind whether I would be capable of doing these big rides.

       Despite  this  doubt  I  attended  and  helped  at  the Adventure  Syndicate
      Training Camp in Girona. I saw the camp as a perfect way to kick start my
       training but it did a lot more.

       Enjoying the views of this beautiful wee climb Being surrounded by 25 women
       who all shared the same passion was a great experience. We were a great
       mix of people with a range of different ages, different cycling backgrounds,
       general backgrounds and experiences. Being in such a mixed group enabled
       us to support each other in different ways. I was able to talk about my
       concerns and realised that I was not the only one who is at least a little
       scared of their cycling adventure plans. It inspired me to see everyone else
       work towards their cycling goals and try to overcome their individual barriers.
       So I kick started my training and decided to fully commit to my upcoming

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